What do Endeavor-san's biggest fans think about Mr. Number One?
Let's find out!


❝Oh, you're asking about dad! Well, you know, it's in his name, I guess - Endeavor - but dad is the kind of person who never gives up. It's really what he's worst at. Well, he's not very good at some other things... um. Maybe a lot of other things... but he's really trying his best, I think! He asked me about my class the other day - I teach kindergarten - and then I showed him some drawings my students did. They actually try to color him now sometimes instead of All Might! Mostly they just do a big red and blue scribble with a frown in the middle. It's kind of cute. Dad looked at them for a long time. Later after dinner, he even asked me about handling the garbage! So I helped him do that and, oh. Oh, no, I absolutely didn't mean to imply he threw out the drawings, he didn't! He really didn't!❞
Todoroki Fuyumi, daughter and fan

❝Endeavor? You're asking me about Endeavor? All Endeavor is, is a crazy, son of a [mod note: wow, unfortunately several... several paragraphs got damaged from this email so I'll just continue where the corruption stopped] so I really think nee-chan gave him the wrong answer when she showed him how to take out the trash.❞
Todoroki Natsuo, son

❝Oh... Ah... Um. Yeah. As a hero, Endeavor is... remarkable. As a dad, I'm still waiting to see how he turns out.❞
Todoroki Shouto, son, intern, and fan

❝Look, fan service, fan sites, that kind of thing... Endeavor doesn't need it and I think you should consider respecting his wishes and delete the site. But fine, since you went to all the trouble of tracking me down to ask me, and it's clear now so many people can't see how cool he is, can't see how he puts everything on the line for our sakes! I mean, you've seen that video where he carbonizes the nomu in Hosu, right? I've watched it so many times, ugh GOD he's so f#@%ing cool, I can't stand it. He's a total behemoth with those hulking muscles, bulging biceps, rippling abs, giant thighs. Have you seen how tight his costume is? What it does to his, uh, his, you know, his figure? And I'm pretty sure he could snap me in half - wait, don't publish any of that. Hawks, I said wait! Come back! Don't publish that!❞
Tameda Hiroshi, can't ya see he's a fan?

❝I see... Endeavor... A dark horse candidate for Number One, but since Master Hawks looks up to him, I shall as well.❞
Tsukuyomi, my intern and fan

❝Todoroki Enji. Endeavor. He's a total JOY in the He and I didn't have time for our little chat down in Fukuoka, but don't worry. I'll bring what's coming to him soon enough. Just watch him? More like he should KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. LOVE'S doorstep is calling and that FLAMING HOT HERO is going to answer. You better publish this ENDORSEMENT or I'll SEND IN ANOTHER the same way I did YESTERDAY and I can kiss HELLO to MY FAVORITE HERO.❞
Dabi, villain and fan

❝Endeavor is going to NOT die.❞
Shigaraki Tomura, villain and fan

I AM HERE TO!!!!! GIVE MY ABSOLUTE, UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT TO ENDEAVOR! OUR NUMBER ONE HERO! MAY HE LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, HAAAAAHAHAHA!!!! For years people would compare us, unfairly. But Endeavor will make his own way! I'm confident he will lead us well and put his own mark on this new age! Perhaps one of these days he'll even agree to sit down with me for tea!! Or coffee - I'll drink any old thing, but he's a java man, did you know? Oh, I see you are writing this down industriously. It might have changed now, he mentioned that offhand ten years ago. Maybe he'll accept an invitation if it's given through you? Yes, please ask him.❞
All Might, former Symbol of Peace and fan


❝Dear Hawks,

❝It has come to our attention that you have created an unauthorized fansite for Todoroki Enji, the hero known as Flame Hero: Endeavor™. Flame Hero: Endeavor™ is a respected professional who has spent his life protecting citizens from the foul reach of villains. While we acknowledge your effort to promote his reputation, as a trusted hero held in high public regard, your misrepresentations of his character have far-reaching detrimental consquences. As the only authorized purveyors of true and accurate information about Flame Hero: Endeavor™, the webmasters of Jet Burn! Official Endeavor Fansite hereby request that you immediately cease and desist your operations and remove your site and all its contents from the World Wide Web. If you have not fully complied with these requirements within seven (7) days, we will have no choice but to pursue all legal courses of action, including but not limited to, the filing of a lawsuit to protect the interests of Jet Burn! and the interests of Flame Hero: Endeavor™.❞
[REDACTED], attorney and fan

❝Wow, I don't have a lawyer or anything dumb like that AND I WOULD NEVER sue for defamation, but did you really have to do that to my message? I'm ABSOLUTELY SURE you're a total idiot. I mean, I know you have to MAKE THESE MESSAGES FAMILY FRIENDLY to keep up THE SITE and maintain your E-FOR-EVERYONE RATING or whatever so they'll trust you with THE REAL JUICY SECRETS, but did you have to make me sound like some total REASONABLE HUMAN BEING in love with Endeavor? Do you have any idea how absolutely RIGHT that is? On every single level? I'm DEFINITELY in love with that guy! I LOVE him! I LOVE him so GOSH DARN much, you don't even KNOW. You don't KNOW what he's done to me, personally. Hero? Yeah right! More like a total LOVE GOD. He's the BEST of all of them and he'll get what's coming to him by the end, why else do you think I go by this name? Because I think it looks cool? I mean, it is, but it's a PREDICTION about just what I've got in store for MY HEART and anyone else that gets in THE way OF ENDEAVOR'S BURNING HOT GAZE. Remember that, hero. Don't upload this one.❞
Dabi again, still a villain and still a fan

❝I love a hero who never holds back, who gets the job done no matter what and straight up kicks some villain ass. Endeavor's the best kinda guy to be No. 1 in my book!❞
Miruko, Number Five Hero and fan

❝Washash sha wash! Washsasha!❞
Wash, Number Eight Hero and fan

❝HUH?! What the hell makes you think I'd say f¥<k all about Endeavor? How about you admit I was faster than you with that glass grandpa's goons and I'll tell you what a godd&mn hard-ass jerk Endeavor is. He frickin' HUGGED me once cuz I saved his kid, and it was the worst experience of my life. He reeks like an old man. I thought I'd suffocate! But, ugh... I GUESS he's not a sh*tty teacher. Still pissed me off when we beat his challenge to take down a villain before he could and he just heaped on the praise instead of getting mad. Hammers home my point, though, you stupid bird brain: I'm gonna slaughter your speed record next, just watch me!!❞
Kacchan, cute, quick little intern and fan

Kacchan left before I started asking Midoriya-kun questions. I think he knew what was coming.

Yes...! I am here...! Midoriya Deku - I-Izuku, I mean Izuku - to be interviewed, by Number Two Hero Hawks. W-What I say, will be posted onto the internet, on his website, forever... That's... great...! A total honor! Yes...! I am here...! Midori— Ah! Endeavor! I'm supposed to talk about Endeavor!

❝Ummmmmm, oh! The breaking news about him smiling is true! I know what Todoroki-kun was talking about! Endeavor kind of tricked us when we arrived to start our internship by smiling at us, but then he frowned, also on purpose, but that one came off as way more natural. Though it's interesting you point it out as a peculiar character trait, because photographs of Endeavor smiling are incredibly rare, almost unheard of, and the ones that do exist are almost disturbing? But it's also true pictures of him in casual clothes are highly prized collector's items, and those are appearing with way more frequency lately, but mostly in the tabloids, which I've always mistrusted ever since five years ago when All Might took a leave of rest after his fight with Toxic Chainsaw and they started circulating rumors that he'd died. But now he's retired, it's been made public he was recovering as best he could from the heavy injuries he sustained in his first battle against All For One. It's sadly ironic in hindsight, but maybe tabloids could be worth looking at, even if mostly just for the exclusive photos, and—!

Ah, sorry, I kind of... But... hm, what I think about Endeavor? To be honest, I was kind of afraid of him after he confronted me at the U.A. Sports Festival outside the toilets, ordering me to give Todoroki-kun a good fight. But I don't regret telling him to leave Todoroki-kun alone and stop giving him a hard time at all! And Endeavor really feels like a different person now. He's a tough teacher and he definitely demands the best we can do, all the time, but he explains things really well in a simple way! For example, actually, the question you answered about how hot he can get got me thinking... If you imagine a pot on a stove, it's easier and faster to get it to boil if you start with hot water instead of cold, so I think Endeavor covers himself in flames for the same reason. That way it's easier for him to fluctuate temperatures quickly since he's not starting from zero, so the more flames he begins with, the hotter he can get later on, so maybe that's why he's so good at explaining how to quickly transition between abilities and power levels, which is what I'm struggling to improve on myself right now, but what he actually did was, one day during our snack break, we were eating on a roof and Endeavor pointed at a car down below and said—

❝...Huh? ...The snacks...? Yeah, he lets us eat on patrol. We always have a snack break, it's normal...? Endeavor gives me his credit card to buy stuff at the closest bakery. I do it because he set off a fire alarm on the first day of our internship and I think he's still embarrassed by it, Kacchan is too rude— Kacchan? Oh, that's Bakugou. And Todoroki-kun doesn't do it because he "forgets" to return the card. The order? Kacchan always wants an extra spicy curry bun. It varies for Todoroki-kun and me - I grab melonpan for us a lot. Endeavor has anpan. Ah, no I don't know if it's his favorite food, sorry, but I can message you if I find out!❞
Midoriya "Deku" Izuku, the fast-talking, finger crushing kid, intern, and fan

❝....What, you're still here?! Sneaking up on people in their own garages?! I have nothing to say to you! Since when does Endeavor entertain such disrespect from other heroes?! Young ones like this?! KEHHH          !! Now, either hand me those garden shears or get out!❞
Kurumada Utenmaru, driver and fan

❝Hawks! There you are! Aren't you supposed to be fast? You've really kept us waiting for this! KIDOU! ONIMAA!! Hawks is here, c'mon and pose with me! He's gonna take a pic for the site!!! Hope you brought your camera, bird boy, this is gonna be good! Right, everyone ready? SAY IT WITH ME!!!

❝HAHAHA! What else?! Oh! Sorry about that mess with Jet Burn. Those guys are such sticks in the mud. Only one of 'em's got a flame quirk, though, and between you and me, his fire's a real sodium chloride yellow. You get what I mean? He's SALTY!!! HA! Yeah, go ahead and post it! He knows how I feel! But we love the site - it's brilliant. Right, you two? Say something!❞
Burnin', Flaming Sidekicker and fan

❝You've got a lot of moxie, Hawks, throwing this together. But I like that! You've shown a side of the boss people don't generally get to see. It's made him more approachable: he gets fans asking for autographs nearly every day now. Instead of storming away, he actually stops to give them out. He doesn't even burn through half of them anymore.❞
Kidou, Flaming Sidekicker and fan

❝Mmhmm. Not much more to add. But he likes it too, you know, no matter what he says. It's supposed to be top secret the boss wears reading glasses, but whatever. He laughed at something on his computer when I was handing over a dossier yesterday, and I saw the list of facts you wrote up about him reflected in the lenses, so— Ah... Are you okay? ...Burnin', why is his face doing that? Hawks? HAWKS! Hey! Can you hear us?! Oh, god... I think I broke him... At least he went out smiling...?!❞
Onimaa, Flaming Sidekicker and fan

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